A US-supplied underwater drone may have caused Crimean bridge explosion, independent military analysts claim


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 US-supplied underwater drone could have been responsible for the dramatic explosion that blasted the Kerch Bridge in Crimea on Saturday, expert analysis has claimed.

Independent military researchers from Molfar have disputed the Kremlin’s claims that a truck full of explosives blew up the strategically vital passageway that links the Russian mainland to the Black Sea peninsula.

Their report argues there was no visible hole in the road surface from a potential truck bomb, and footage appears to show an explosion detonated from below the bridge.

Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the blast, but the FSB spy agency say the bomb was shipped from Odesa via Bulgaria and Armenia to Georgia, where it crossed the border into Russia.

Kremlin intelligence says paperwork disguising the bomb as industrial plastic sheeting was changed at least twice along the two-month route before it was detonated on Saturday on the bridge.

But the Molfar report said: ‘Theoretically, the bridge could be blown up from below.

‘After all, at the time of the detonation, there was a wave under the section that collapsed, while there was [none] under the others.’

‘This may be the result of the operation of an air or water drone.’

They added that footage from one camera attached to the railway shows a white object that appears to move in the water.

The analysts said: ‘It’s hard to tell if it’s a wave or maybe a boat because in the first seconds after the explosion the camera was blinded.

‘A water drone for special operations was already found near the coast of Sevastopol. 

‘It was probably delivered to our Armed Forces from the USA in April.’ 



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