Michael Burry New Shocking Prediction “This Will Happen In Last 3 Months Of 2022” How To Survive?


We will stroll through some very important history this morning that is about to repeat itself with some videos and some articles.  I encourage you to watch the videos to learn and read the articles to have a better understanding of who actually is running things and the lengths they will go to implement the policies they want.   

We are repeating history, all at the hands of the DS, just like back in 1929.  They do these things to usher in new policies, and in this case in 2022 to over throw The United States of America, the GREATEST country on earth, and usher in NWO or One World Government.    

It is very important to pay attention to everything that is happening right now, because its all happened before.  This is their playbook…God Bless all of you and your families!



“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV)


All the wise men of America are warning of tough times for Americans in months to come, especially for business owners and stock market participants. For example Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet, Worlds most influential Economist Jeremy Grantham, Legendary Investor Charlie Munger, CEO of JP Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon and the famed investment guru Michael Burry, all are predicting tough times ahead. They are of the opinion that the United States economy is deteriorating fast due to persistently rising inflation,  a potential recession, collapsing housing market, an interminable war in Eastern Europe, supply chain interruptions and so much more happening around us. 

But regular predictions of Michael Burry are very interesting and have 95% success rate. On august 12 2022 he warned investors that bear market rally is almost complete and we are heading for new bottom and you would be surprised to know that since that date market is down almost 17%. Next support level is 10000 and after that 7000 for nasdaq. He cunningly sold 99% of his holding before this dead cat bounce rally ended.

As Dr. Michael Burry says, it’s like doomsday is coming. But this is not the purpose of this video. We will also discuss how to survive in these tough economic times. Like Burry cunningly sold 99% of his holding before this dead cat bounce rally ended.




Midterms Countdown

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