Precinct Project: Democrats Freak Out When Republicans Get Active In Politics

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October 08, 2021



Democrats are ‘cradle to grave’ politicos, and they are not accustomed to any opposition.

Their fantasies of a massive central government have only been threatened for a brief period with the presidency of President Donald J. Trump.  While the left are a vocal minority, they have enjoyed scorched earth domination over the right on every topic for decades now.

But now people are pushing back, and the left is freaking out.

What is changing in what should be the final chapter in their story of Marxist Utopia, with the ‘victory’ of radical far-leftist Joe Biden, has been a series of frustrations for the Democrat left.

We are living in a sort of like- Peanuts cartoon with Charlie Brown getting the football taken away from him – where Republicans are the Lucy, grabbing the ball and victory away- at the last moment.

At least that is how they are reacting to the idea that Republicans, independents, and Populists may get involved with their civic duty and start to take some of their political power away.

Consider this tweet by Dan Schultz, one of the main organizers of the Precinct Project, which is a well-discussed strategy driving new people into the GOP to seek powerful positions, known as neighborhood team leaders or Precinct Committeeman, in the party and drive the party to the right with America First candidates and power structures.

The left successfully did the same with Marxism and Communism for the Democrat Party, the tactic is not new, the left just doesn’t like the idea of competition to their devious, but unopposed Community Organizing.

Proponents of America First are motivated to save the Republic they love, and they believe the next two elections are their last chance. Many people are motivated for the first time to get into politics, so the battle the left faces is one from an enemy who is unknown to them, and they are freaking out.

In the following tweet-Schultz, a frequent guest on the popular War Room Pandemic highlights a few tweets- that show that left is not at all happy about Americans getting ahold of Schultz’s book.

Schultz highlights the reaction that a few leftists have had discussing the precinct project- which they insanely believed is “against democracy”.

Yes, that is how dangerously far the left has gone to dehumanize their political opponents. Americans who don’t agree with their political opponents are criminals for joining the Republican party.


Wonder why some on the left seem to think engaging in basic American civic political activities as I was taught in 7th grade public school is mounting a coup, illegal, and warrants a DOJ investigation. Hmm. Get the book! Thank you.

— Dr. President-Elect Precinct Covfefe | MasksOffNow (@DanSchultz2) October 6, 2021

According to Schultz’s tweet- a poster known as @Readheadatheart wants people arrested for joining the Republican party. @KWalsh was the Department of Justice to investigate people who are threatening “democracy’. @KGC equates people joining the Republican Party as a “coup” and these are just a few of the gems that are posted in public about the Precinct Project.

It all started with a book, How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again, in 2017 and took off with the encouragement of Steve Bannon, who elevated Sch…

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