Report: Dem operatives tied to David Brock outfit are using sketchy ‘independent local news’ sites to push anti-GOP content in battleground states

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emember when liberals were losing it over Sinclair Broadcast Group, shrieking that it was actually a front for right-wing puppet masters? Yeah, those were good times.

Don’t expect to hear any of those liberals losing it over this scoop from Axios’ Lachlan Markay and Thomas Wheatley:

More from Axios:

  • The sites are focused on key swing states with elections in 2021 and 2022: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • Each follows a similar template: aggregated local news content and short write-ups about local sports teams and attractions — interspersed with heavily slanted political news aimed at boosting Democratic midterm candidates and attacking Republican opponents.

Seems pretty newsworthy, right? Like, where’s CNN on this? CNN loves to do stories about journalism.

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