Mainstream science is FAKE science: Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies to be RETRACTED because they were “manipulated”

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nother couple hundred peer-reviewed papers are slated for removal from the journals in which they were published after it was revealed that they are all “manipulated.”

The latest in a growing list of fake science studies that were published in supposedly reputable journals and later retracted due to fraud, the dump comes from Hindawi, a scientific journal publisher that covers more than 230 peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Hindawi says that after months of investigative review, it has decided to retract 511 papers across 16 of its journals, according to Retraction Watch, a watchdog group that keeps a close eye on such matters.

“The retractions, which the publisher and its parent company, Wiley, will announce tomorrow in a blog post, will be issued in the next month, and more may come as its investigation continues,” Retraction Watch says.

“They are not yet making the list available.” (Related: Just recently, The Lancet self-retracted a published letter that mocked the lab origin theory of covid.)

Hindawi’s research integrity team reportedly identified numerous signs of manipulation throughout the papers, including duplicated text. Some of the peer reviews were also found to have been done too quickly to actually be accurate, while others misused the databases that are used by publishers to vet potential reviewers.

“Peer review and citation rings” behind prolific science journal fraud

Another major publisher, SAGE, also recently announced the retraction of some 60 articles that are implicated in a “peer review and citation ring” taking place at the Journal of Vibration and Control (JVC).

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