Justice Dept. Error Exposes Private Information On Trump In Court Filing

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he Justice Department has given critics a new reason to believe the agency has become politicized in an unprecedented way since Joe Biden took office as president after a court filing on Thursday.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, the DOJ mistakenly “disclosed a list of Donald Trump documents being vetted by ‘privilege review teams’ that were included among thousands of materials seized from Mar-a-Lago.” Included in the exposed documents, “which Trump’s lawyers are trying to keep out of the hands of government investigators, includes discussions about presidential pardons late in Trump’s term – including the pardon of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojovich.”

The documents had been ordered sealed by a federal judge, but they were nevertheless published on government court docket. However, the documents have since been taken offline. Nevertheless, the ‘error’ is likely to fuel new speculation that Biden’s Justice Department is politically biased against the former president.

The Daily Mail adds:

Other documents include communications with Trump’s stable of lawyers – the kind of attorney-client communications Trump has argued must be kept out of the hands of the FBI. Trump has already complained that agents seized ‘medical records’ from his home, although the information accidentally published reveals this may be less than meets the eye.

The inventory lists a ‘medical letter from Dr. Harold Bornstein’ from 2016. Bornstein in 2015 penned an infamous letter, already made public, where he vouched for Trump’s ‘exceptional’ health and his ‘astonishingly excellent’ test results before Trump took office. It was included on a list of materials the government determined should be returned to the former president after being removed during the search.

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