Biden Boasts His ‘Economy Has Created 668 Manufacturing Jobs’

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emocrat pResident Joe Biden has boasted that he has created “668 manufacturing jobs” in America since taking office.

Biden gloated about his economy during a Thursday speech in Poughkeepsie, New York.

The president had traveled to the city to tour the IBM facility.

During his visit, Biden delivered remarks on “creating jobs” in the Hudson Valley.

Biden was speaking about the CHIPS and Science Act.

“And to be clear: The CHIPS and Science Act is not handing out blank checks to companies,” Biden claimed.

“Our economy has created 10 million jobs,” he added.

However, Biden used the number of Americans going back to work after businesses were shuttered during the pandemic to claim “job creation.”

Biden then continued by saying that, since he came into office, the US economy has created “668 manufacturing jobs.”

“As I said, since I came to office, our economy has created… 668 manufacturing jobs,” Biden boasted.

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