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Biden has drained the oil stockpile to the lowest point in 40 YEARS: Pressure piles on President with little options left to try and...

'Look, it's clear that OPEC plus is aligning with with Russia with today's announcement,' White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Wednesday.

Biden manipulates budget, puts student loan agenda in 2022 spending

The U.S. budget deficit was $2.8 trillion in the 2021 fiscal year and initially just over $1 trillion in the 2022 fiscal year before the added cost of student debt cancellation," it continued.

Internal Memos: FBI’s Out-Of-Control Sexual Misconduct Yields Little Punishment — Especially For Top Officials

“For example, according to an internal unclassified Justice Department document from the Office of Disciplinary Appeals titled ‘Retirements and Resignations During Unwelcome Sexual Conduct Adjudications,’ as of December 23, 2020, the Justice Department reviewed the FBI’s disciplinary case database, Javelin, ‘to observe patterns and offer recommendations,'” the letter reads.

Switching from a Sole Proprietorship to an LLC: When & Why to Do It

Answering these questions can help you decide if switching to an LLC makes sense for you and your business.

Biden’s Day One Actions Haunt Him Still

Biden’s regulations and restrictions accomplished what he wanted

Justice Dept. Error Exposes Private Information On Trump In Court Filing

The Justice Department’s arguments against having a federal court appoint a special master to review allegedly classified documents “tells you that the government didn’t find what they were looking for,” Ratcliffe continued.

Shocking trove of HHS records reveals most aggressive vaccine propaganda campaign EVER: Screenwriters, comedians, church leaders, black doctors and influencers all PAID OFF to...

As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated, “These records show a disturbing and massive campaign by the Biden administration to propagandize and politicize the controversial COVID vaccine.

A Soviet pipeline to Europe was sabotaged in 1982, and the culprit was the CIA

The sabotaging of the Soviet pipeline in 1982 was just “one example,” Reed emphasized, of the U.S. Deep State’s “cold-eyed economic warfare” against the Soviet Union.

WATCH: Kanye West Unloads on Tucker Carlson, Triggering Leftists Into a Frenzy and We Break It All Down ‘Come on man, Trump’s the Sh*t’

“The answer to why I wrote White Lives Matter on a shirt is because they do… it’s the obvious thing.”

Poll suggesting ‘massive’ election lead for GOP in November

That means, he said, if pollsters are saying Republicans are three points behind, they still likely would take control of the House and Senate in November.

DACA Policy Ruled Illegal, But Remains In Place

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals declares DACA illegal, but leaves the Obama-era policy intact for the nearly 600,000 immigrant "Dreamers" currently enrolled in the program.

Biden accuses Russia of siding with OPEC, turns to Venezuela for oil

OPEC's cut in oil production is designed to raise crude prices. The Brent crude oil benchmark was $93 a barrel Wednesday

47 New Biden Administration Defendants Named in Government–Big Tech Censorship Lawsuit

The second amended complaint in the case, Missouri v. Biden, includes six new agencies, bringing the total to 13, and 41 new individual defendants, bringing the total to 54.

‘Seems Like Just Yesterday’: US Oil Industry Mocks Biden After OPEC Announces Production Cuts

Another executive order placed a 60-day moratorium on new oil and natural gas leases and drilling permits on federal lands and waters.

FBI Agents Accuse Biden of Pressuring FBI to Fabricate ‘Extremist’ and ‘White Supremacist’ Cases

Biden himself, according to whistleblowers, has been pushing the idea that all of his political opponents are white supremacist terrorists and doing that all while demanding open borders for many of the third world’s most notorious criminals to come into our country.

Food Prices Inch Down, but Remain Far Above Historical Levels

The food index fell to 136.3 points in September, versus a revised 137.9 for the previous month.

Report: Dem operatives tied to David Brock outfit are using sketchy ‘independent local news’ sites to push anti-GOP content in battleground states

I’ve had a few people reach out asking for a full list of the 51 sites mentioned in this piece. I put one together here

AG Jeff Sessions: ‘A Larger Number of Criminals’ Are Crossing the Border

“It’s difficult to overstate how tough it was for the Trump administration to make progress,” Sessions said.

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