Trump Jr. Fires Back at Pelosi’s Ridiculous Assertion That Trump Is Under the Influence in Equal Measure

Posted at 1:15 pm on October 7, 2020 by Brandon Morse

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again floated a conspiracy about the president to make him look like a cheating liar unfit for office but Donald Trump Jr. had a perfect response that has the left raging.

In reaction to President Donald Trump’s announcement that he ordered officials to stop negotiating another COVID-19 relief bill, Pelosi decided it was an opportune moment to speculate that the only reason Trump was doing this was that steroids make you think differently, insinuating that Trump wasn’t in his right mind after he was treated with a steroid over his COVID diagnosis according to The Hill:

“Believe me, there are people … who think that steroids have an impact on your thinking. So, I don’t know,” Pelosi had said on the call, according to two sources.

Trump has been prescribed a steroid among other drugs to treat COVID-19, which he was diagnosed with last week.

Being treated with a form steroid isn’t uncommon in fighting lung infections.

Trump Jr. wasn’t about to take that and reminded the world that Pelosi is one to talk given her rumored problem with alcohol.

“Well, you know, Nancy has her own substance issues, according to the press and according to the media, so I won’t get into that,” Trump Jr. said during a Fox and Friends interview. “It’s obviously nonsense.”

Jr. went on to say that the stimulus package she’s suggesting the government go forward with is really just a big spending bill for her agenda.

“Donald Trump simply wants to get money to the American people,” Trump Jr. went on to say. “But if the Democrats continue to do this – to try to drive that narrative as though they pulled out, it’s absolutely asinine.”

“They asked for a wish list of totally ridiculous things — things that have nothing to do with getting the economy going,” he added. “Things that would only be there to fund, again, a radical leftist Democrat wish list. Primarily, again, cashless bail, funding for illegal immigrants.”

While everything else Trump Jr. said was more or less ignor…


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