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BREAKING: NY Times Report Suggests the FBI is Preparing to Raid Trump’s Home in Mar-a-Lago AGAIN

This is clearly laying the groundwork for a potential second FBI raid to find the purported ‘missing documents.’ And it is no coincidence that Jay Bratt played a key role in the failed Mueller witch hunt.

Appeals Court Overrules Obama, Hands Barack Historic Rebuke And Rules DACA Program Illegal

“Congress determined which aliens can receive these benefits, and it did not include DACA recipients among them.”

WHAT?? Secret Service claims there are NO records of whom Biden met with at his Delaware homes…

The Secret Service says it checked again and still can’t find any records that identify visitors to President Biden’s Delaware residences

Forgetting How To Be A Civilization

America’s elite university students are more demographically diverse than the general population, but more politically divided along lines of race, gender, sexuality, and religion.

Most Americans don’t plan to get a flu shot this season — lots of them say they’ll mask to avoid germs instead

"We know flu vaccination remains the best way to protect yourself and your family from flu," said Dr. Rochelle Walensky

Shocking Email: Feds Purposefully Made Kids Miserable During Covid Pandemic to Coerce Them Into Getting Vaxxed

Gov. Wolf, sheds an ugly spotlight on the behind-the-scenes decisionmaking that led to the current crisis in education among America’s schoolchildren

CDC confirms USA suffered 338x increase in reports of AIDS-associated Diseases & Cancers in 2021 following COVID Vaccine roll-out

It’s a common misconception that Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is only caused by the HIV virus. This simply isn’t true.

“SEALED” List of Privileged Documents Seized in Trump Mar-a-Lago Case Accidentally Leaked, Gives Closest Look at What FBI Seized Yet

It contains a list of documents reviewed and segregated by the filter review team. There are some interesting items here.

FBI charges multiple individuals for peaceful protests at abortion facility

Today, October 5, 2022, that event of more than a year ago culminated in a visit from the FBI to at least one of the activist’s homes.

Clarence Thomas Issues Order to Biden DOJ as Trump Takes Mar-a-Lago Fight to Supreme Court

Trump’s emergency appeal said the appellate court went beyond its jurisdiction in keeping documents from his lawyers.

American tourist wanting to see the pope attacks art in Vatican Museums

“The person who pulled down the statues has been arrested by the gendarmes and handed over to Italian authorities,” Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni told reporters afterward.

The Book of Deuteronomy (KJV) | Full Audio Bible by Max McLean

The Book of Deuteronomy (KJV) read by Max McLean. This is the full King James Version (KJV) of the Audio Bible. 

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