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Where Artificial Intelligence Can Expose Leftist Vote Fraud

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Artificial intelligence is an undefined term people throw around, scaring each other about impending doom.  One reads stories about how A.I. applies facial recognition to end privacy.  Other scaries are about the government profiling people’s writing to find anonymous posters.

Our team has been applying artificial intelligence for over a decade.

There is zero intelligence in artificial intelligence.  Zero.

A.I. is the concentration of massive computing power, integrating multiple data streams, really fast, to find subtle patterns or differences in those streams.

Here’s an example: when a customer calls an 800 number with a complaint, voice recognition instantly determines the person’s likely age.  Or it can determine agitation.  Or if that person speaks with a Spanish accent, it routes him to a Spanish language agent.

This makes for lots of data, hitting large processors, delivering insight, not intelligence.

A.I. is a technology game two can play.  Remember those 2020 election voter rolls?

In early 2021, Sherriff David Clarke and Mike Lindell asked our team to load the Wisconsin voter rolls to find “anomalies.”  You’ve read the stories about the 23,000 Wisconsin voters using the same phone number and thousands of voters with “codes” that cannot be read by traditional computers as their voter IDs.  Our technology, Fractal Programming, found all that stuff for the Wisconsin voter team.

There was nothing “intelligent” in those data.

The only time we found anything coming close to the word “intelligent” was the lack of intelligence from secretaries of state, particularly Republicans.

There were the Alabama voters older than Genghis Khan, registered in 2020, who vote.  There were the Missouri voters registered in the Branson hotel.  There were the Texans who voted in person but their ballot later changed to absentee.

Remember that hapless Wisconsin voter whose voter ID was a single character, an apostrophe — such a small character that we thought it was a speck on our computer screen?

The original Wisconsin Fractal system grew almost overnight to a dozen or more states.  What was supposed to be a limited proof of concept exploded into the largest election database in the world — and that was only for 12 or 15 states.  We have the data for 25 more on deck.

We personally funded this growth.

We literally begged legacy election integrity organizations, advertising large voter databases, to use Fractal technology giving local integrity teams this unique compute power.

We offered them Fractal technology for free.


We learned that many legacy “voter integrity organizations” are all about raising tons of dough — zero interest in cleaning voter rolls.

With a dozen state voter integrity teams, we decided to do it ourselves.

Then something happened.

Election integrity teams are a stubborn lot.

Working from kitchen tables, in basements, holding meetings in coffee shops, using small computers and Excel, they share information, and the “intelligence” of what they find explodes.


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