Biden’s ‘White House Is Panicking’ Saudi Arabia Will Cut Oil Production

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emocrat pResident Joe Biden’s White House is reportedly “panicking” that Saudi Arabia will cut oil production.

When Saudia Arabia played games with President Donald Trump, he got tough and gave them an ultimatum.

Trump warned there would be no more military aid, no more contract soldiers, and no more spare parts for their aviation and defense industry.

The Saudis caved within minutes.

Now they are playing games with Biden and, according to CNN, the “White House is panicking” that the Saudis will cut oil production.

Should they cut production, it would raise gas prices for American consumers.

Should the Saudis cut oil production, as they are expected to do so, Biden will need to take drastic action or he will look weak on the world stage.

During Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” CNN Senior National Security Correspondent Alex Marquardt said that, according to a “U.S. official,” the Biden admin is scrambling behind the scenes

“The White House, in fact, is panicking, that this is something that they desperately do not want to happen,” Marquardt said.

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