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FBI Whistleblowers: Agents Are Rewarded for Being ‘Woke’

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Several FBI whistleblowers have come forward to expose the politicization of the Bureau, revealing that the federal agency “rewards” agents for being “woke.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation insiders reportedly told The Washington Times that the politicization of the FBI is being implemented by the promotion of liberal agents into positions of authority.

Meanwhile, agents who support conservative causes face punishment or dismissal.

The whistleblowers warn that the politicization of agents institutionalizes a liberal bias in the upper ranks of the FBI while transforming the nation’s premier law enforcement agency into a radicalized arm of the Democratic Party.

The insiders blew the whistle to The Washington Times’s Kerry Picket, who has lifted the lid on the FBI’s increasingly leftist agenda.

“In one high-profile example, an FBI agent on duty demonstrated solidarity with Black Lives Matter marchers in Washington by ‘taking a knee’ as the protesters passed,” Picket writes.

“The agent was rewarded with a promotion to a supervisor rank.”

According to Picket, the promotion of the pro-BLM agent inspired other agents to “get woke” in an effort to advance their careers.

“The BLM march in Washington in 2020 was part of protests and riots that swept the country in response to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis,” she recounts.


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