A List of Post-Vaccination Resources – Help Us to Help You

Thank You Brother, Ricin

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We know that there are numerous resources available covering varying and multi-disciplinary aspects for vaccine injured covering anything from legal advice to community support to detox guides.  We cannot hope to collect them on our own.  So, if you are aware of any reliable resources that would be helpful, please share them in the comments below this article and we will update our list from time to time to include them.  This article will, therefore, hopefully, be an ever-growing list of resources. Thank you to our readers who have contributed to this list thus far.

When you share a resource, please briefly describe what sort of information it provides so others who read your comment can easily assess if it is the help they seek. Please also note whether the resource is country-specific, and if so which country, or worldwide.

Bear in mind that if you share a resource under a post that is not on one of our pages then we will not see it.  The most helpful way to share your resource is as a comment under this article on our website – not only for us but so others can see it irrespective of the social media platform they use.

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