Former Biden Chief of Staff Now Executive VP at Fox!
Paging Chris Wallace!

By Anthony. October 4, 2020

Surprise Surprise.

Fox News has increasingly lurched to the Left as of late.

And as it turns out the channels new Executive Vice President, Danny O’Brien, is the former Chief of Staff to none other than…

That’s right!

Former Senator Joe Biden!

His bio, from

Danny O’Brien is the Executive Vice President and Head of Government Relations for Fox Corporation. In this role, he leads the Company’s legislative, regulatory and strategic policy matters.

Before joining FOX in October 2018, Mr. O’Brien served as the Government Relations Leader for GE Transportation, where he oversaw GE’s global engagement on commercial and public policy issues impacting GE’s aviation and locomotives businesses.

Mr. O’Brien served as a long-time senior advisor in the United States Senate where he was chief of staff to Senators Torricelli, Biden and Menendez.  Serving the three Senators, Mr. O’Brien managed their policy, communications and political strategies.  In the Senate, Mr. O’Brien also served as the staff director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where he managed the Committee’s policy and legislative priorities in the areas of national security, economic statecraft, human rights and democracy.”


I wonder if that’s Democrat Senator Bob Menendez???

What are the chances??!


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