A collection of links about the Coming Coup

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There are several people from Dan Bongino to Michael Anton that has recently started warning people about the coming coup attempt by the left and Globalist powers that be. The following links are stories and videos that help guide you to some of that they are saying.

From the riots, to Covid to The upcoming Election, A more than usual number of Fires raging, CAIOS is the norm now. State Governments, City Governments, and even local towns are exercising orders that the Constitution simply does not allow. They have basically just torn it up and are ignoring it.

Churches closed, Gatherings ordered not to gather, yet violent protesters are allowed to do their thing, arrested and released quickly to riot again & again.

Sporting events, Movie Theaters, Eating out, etc. All things the public can do to relax and enjoy themselves basically GONE..  Thus the “New Normal” Its all about control.

But if you are protesting? You’re Free to do whatever you please. Felons released from prison while mom and pop businesses are arrested for trying to earn a living and jailed.

Ask yourself this one question.  If the mask are protection from Covid then why is anything shut down to begin with? If the mask work shouldn’t everything be opened up?

The following links are to various people that have really started to warn us about what happening right before our very eyes.



*WMAL Interview with Michael Anton 09-08-2020 (Audio)

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*The Coming Coup: Democrats Are Who We Thought They Were – Dan Bongino Show Clips

The American Thinker Article by Michael Anton


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