Antifa Effect? Yes, the Rioting Is Starting to Impact the House Races


s Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the violent far-left actually giving a massive in-kind contribution to Republicans this election cycle? Maybe. The non-stop rioting in the cities, especially along the Left Coast and now in Kenosha, Wisconsin is starting to show up in the polling. It’s the reason why Joe Biden had to come out of his bunker after the Republican National Convention; the event mentioned the rioting. It’s why CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, who endorsed the violence, said it was now time to settle down because…it was hurting Democrats.

Donald Trump is now leading with Independents by ten points, Black and Hispanic voters support for Trump spiked after the GOP convention, and the national race is tightening up. Trump is tied with Biden in Michigan—and enthusiasm for Trump with his base is sky-high. Joe Biden is not fairing so well with Democrats on that front. They know he sucks.

While two months ago, the retaking the house might have seemed like a stretch, but if these lefty clowns keep burning buildings, assaulting cops, and forcing Democratic mayors to flee their residences, then it could be within reach. Patrick Murray commented on Monmouth’s polling of the House races and found that in the six most competitive contests this cycle, the generic Republican is ahead by 10 points


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