Destroyed by Democrats: Nearly Half of New Yorkers Think the Big Apple is Rotting


fter six of the most trying months in modern city history, nearly half of New Yorkers say that the Big Apple is heading in the wrong direction — with worries about the economy and crime listed as top concerns.

The new survey from the Manhattan Institute found that residents of the five boroughs are evenly split on the city’s trajectory — with 46 percent saying it’s heading the right way, while 42 percent say it’s off on the wrong track.

Twenty-two percent of Gothamites surveyed by the conservative-leaning think tank’s pollsters named the city’s economy as their biggest worry, closely followed by 21 percent who said they were worried most about public safety.

Another 12 percent named race relations as the biggest issue facing the city, while 11 percent said healthcare, two of the issues that have at the forefront of city politics in recent months.

The survey comes as New York officials slowly reopen the city’s economy, which was shut down in a desperate bid to staunch the spread of COVID-19 that has killed more than 180,000 people across the country.

The poll found that Manhattanites are the most satisfied with where they live and are the least likely to be looking to leave New York — with 48 percent saying they’re happy in their current neighborhood when asked where’d they live if they could live anywhere. Another 14 percent said they would pick another spot in the city.


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