Mother of Marine killed in ISIS bomb attack has her Instagram account disabled after she blamed Biden for her son’s death and claimed President ‘rolled his eyes’ and ‘turned his back on her’ when she confronted him

Shana Chappell’s son Kareem Nikoui, 20, was killed in Kabul on Thursday
Thousands flooded her page – where she has complained about Biden in the past – afterwards
On Thursday, her Instagram account was suddenly disabled
She had posted on Facebook, blaming Biden for her son’s death in Afghanistan
Instagram says it was a mistake, has restored the account and apologized
They won’t explain how Ms. Chappell’s account was flagged to them
It is another example of Silicon Valley censoring conservative voices
Trump has been banned from Facebook and Instagram since January and a host of his supporters have been censored
Chappell had also described meeting Biden on Sunday at Dover Air Base
She said he ‘rolled his eyes’ at her and ‘turned his back’ as she confronted him
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to comment on Biden’s meeting with the Marines’ families on Monday

September 01, 2021


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Facebook temporarily deleted the Instagram account of the mother of one of the Marines killed in Afghanistan by an ISIS bomb last week after she publicly blamed President Biden for his death and the deaths of the other servicemembers killed.

Shana Chappell is the mother of Kareem Nikoui, 20, who was killed in the ISIS bomb attack at Kabul airport on August 26.

She has been vocal in her criticism of President Biden and says she blamed him for her son’s death, along with the deaths of the 12 other troops who were killed. Chappell, a Trump voter, posted frequently about her disdain for Biden, before her son’s death.

On Friday, she posted a tribute to her son on Instagram that received thousands of messages of condolence. In the days since, she shared another tribute and a video of the country singer Coffey Anderson volunteering to sing at a funeral for the slain troops.

On Facebook, Chappell has repeatedly blamed Biden for her son’s death and in a post on Monday just before she had her Instagram account disabled, she wrote a long Facebook post directed at Biden where she described meeting him on Sunday at Dover Air Base.

She said she looked him ‘straight in the eyes’ and told him she did not want to hear about his late son Beau, who the President mentioned repeatedly, and told him he had her son’s blood on her hands.

Chappell also alleged that Biden ‘turned to walk away’ then threw his hand ‘up behind him as if he was saying “ok whatever” when she yelled at him that her son’s blood was on her hands. The White House has not addressed those allegations.

Her account was suspended yesterday and was restored after she posted about being disabled on Facebook, and a Facebook spokesperson has since told DailyMail.com that it was deleted ‘incorrectly’ but it won’t say how the ‘mistake’ came about.

It adds to the many cases of left-leaning Silicon Valley censoring conservative voices, even if the voice in question belongs to the grieving mother of a murdered American hero.

Chappell says she thinks Facebook disabled her account after she posted four days ago about her son’s death where she didn’t mention Biden, but which went viral and directed people to her page.

‘As soon as I posted about what happened to my son Instagram started pulling up my posts from months ago and sending me notifications that if I kept posting stuff like that they would disable my acc….

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Please Pray for those that have taken the vaccines & all our Americans in Afghanistan. 

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God Bless America & God Bless You


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