A Deal To Sell TikTok Probably Isn’t Happening Tuesday – Or Any Time Soon

CNBC assured us yesterday that despite Beijing’s latest attempt to stall any sale of TikTok, that Chinese conglomerate ByteDance could announce a deal with a chosen US partner by the end of Tuesday.

Well, here we are: The business day has ended in North America, and Asia is just waking up on Wednesday morning, and while reporters have doubled down on their assurances that a deal just might be in the offing, this latest report from the Wall Street Journal highlighting new obstacles to a TikTok sale is a pretty obvious sign that we’re not going to get a deal tonight.

But then again, we suspected as much earlier, when President Trump insisted that Sept. 15 would, in fact, be a hard deadline for TikTok to be sold (even though his last EO technically extended that deadline). Whatever the ‘deadline’ may be, Beijing has already clearly signaled that it won’t allow a “smash & grab” deal. For whatever reason, the CCP is pumping the breaks. The other day, we surmised that President Xi might be savoring the chance to stick it to Trump by embarrassing him politically. But in truth, this is probably an ancillary benefit.


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