Texas salon owner who was arrested after violating coronavirus order announces run for state Senate

Shelley Luther, the Texas salon owner who was briefly jailed for reopening her business despite lockdown orders, announced that she is running for elected office.

“I’m just a normal person whose life and livelihood was threatened by the government. I realize the need for real people who recognize the real problems that face our state,” Shelley said in a press release announcing her run for state Senate. “I will fight for Senate District 30 and push back against the Austin insiders who want to control our community.”

The seat opened up when District 30’s representative, Republican Sen. Pat Fallon, decided to run for Republican Rep. John Ratcliffe’s congressional seat. Ratcliffe was nominated to serve as President Trump’s director of national intelligence and was confirmed by the Senate in May.

Luther, who owns Salon A la Mode in Dallas, skyrocketed to national prominence in May when Judge Eric Moye sentenced her to a week behind bars and ordered her to pay a $500 fine for every day that she operated her business in violation of the shutdown order from Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

Luther was freed after less than 48 hours when the Texas Supreme Court granted a motion to release her. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had publicly demanded that she be released, and conservative figures such as Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had also expressed support for her. Cruz later visited her salon on the first day the shop was legally allowed to reopen and got a haircut. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin also visited Salon A la Mo….


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