RNC Draws 147.9 Million Views, GOP Says It’s Higher Than Biden

The Republican National Convention (RNC) had 147.9 million views across various TV and digital platforms, according to Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel.

She posted the data on Friday in a Twitter post confirming a media report. The spokeswoman also said that the total viewership of the RNC was 25 million more than the Democratic National Convention (DNC).

According to Nielsen ratings data, about 86.3 million viewers from 66.9 million households watched the DNC event on TV spanning from Aug. 17 to 20. While 77.5 million viewers from 57.8 million households watched the RNC between Aug. 24 and 27.

Based on the GOP statement and Nielsen data, the RNC drew 70.4 million digital viewers while the DNC digital viewership was 36.6 million.

The Democratic party or Biden’s campaign didn’t release total digital ratings data officially. However, Biden campaign’s national press secretary TJ Ducklo said in an Aug. 18 Twitter post that 28.9 million people watched the fourth night of the DNC.

Based on data posted by Ducklo and Nielsen, the digital viewership of the fourth night of DNC should be around 4.3 million.

The Epoch Times could not independently verify the DNC’s digital ratings from all four nights released by the Republican party.

Biden campaign didn’t respond to an email request for comment.

It was widely reported that the DNC had better TV viewership than the RNC before the Republican party released the official digital viewership data.

However, digital viewership became a core area for dispute in the ratings comparison.

The Republican party and Trump rebutted reports, citing a lack of digital data.

“How does the Fake News not include Online Streaming Numbers where Republicans blow the Dem Numbers away?” President Donald Trump said in a Twitter post on Friday night.

In a follow-up Twitter post on Saturday morning, he criticized some media for comparing the RNC ratings with the DNC before the official data had come out.

“Too bad we don’t have honest reporting when it comes to ‘Trump,’” h….


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