Ben Carson: Racially ignorant media don’t know most minorities now live in suburbs

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson is frustrated by what he calls false reporting about a Trump administration policy decision on housing zoning, saying media coverage relied on racial stereotypes that ignore that most minorities live in suburbs.

Last month, the Trump administration reversed an Obama-Biden-era regulation that would have allowed HUD to abolish single-family zoning and require the construction of high-density apartment buildings (what the administration called “stack and pack” housing) in residential neighborhoods. The Trump administration pushed back on the Obama-Biden plan, saying it would erode the quality of life in suburban America. The move was widely attacked in the national media as racist.

“I’ve grown to expect little in the way of analysis or truth from most of the media,” Dr. Carson told Just the News in a video interview at the White House. “So many of them said that our policy is racist, and we’re trying to keep suburbs white and silly stuff like that. You know, they don’t know the facts. They don’t know that 52% of African-Americans live in the suburbs, that 60% of Hispanics live in the suburbs, 62% of Asian-Americans live in the suburbs.”


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