What to expect at the RNC convention

*GOP focuses convention on defeating COVID-19, rebuilding economy, empowering black communities

Gathering aims to strike more positive tone than Democrats; Republican National Convention curtailed in-person due to pandemic will stream live all week on social and digital platforms.

Republicans have put the finishing touches on their nominating convention slated to open Monday, planning an unmistakable focus on President Trump’s plans to defeat the coronavirus, rebuild the economy, combat China, and counter deadly violence and destructive riots in America’s cities.

GOP leaders said they anticipate the Republican National Convention will strike a more positive tone than the Democrats’ while inviting African-Americans to embrace the Trump agenda.

“The highly anticipated Democratic National Convention featured Joe Biden, pawn of the radicals running his party, and out of touch Hollywood elites painting a doom and gloom picture of America,” the GOP said in a statement issued Friday. “The Republican National Convention next week will celebrate America for what it truly is – the greatest nation on Earth.”

On Sunday the campaign announced the list of speakers for this week’s gathering. Trump will deliver his acceptance speech from the White House South Lawn. and Melania Trump will address the nation from the newly-remodeled White House Rose Garden.

The list also includes Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple from the St. Louis area who brandished firearms to protect themselves from protesters, Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones, an African-American Democrat, and Alice Johnson, an African-American woman released early from prison by Trump.

Viewers will also hear from Republican Kimberly Klacik, an African-American young woman running for the U.S. House whose viral video argued that more than five decades of one-party Democratic rule in Baltimore had resulted in a decimated black community.

By Carrie Sheffield


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