President Trump accuses Democrats of ‘using COVID to steal an election’ claiming mail-in ballots will ‘defraud the American people of a fair and free election’ as he accepts Republican nomination at surprise convention speech

  • Donald Trump claimed Monday Democrats will attempt to ‘steal the election’ by harvesting ballots and stopping Republican ballots from being turned in
  • The comments came as he made a surprise stop at the Republican Convention Monday to make remarks before a room of delegates and party personnel
  • ‘They’re trying to steal the election from the Republicans,’ Trump said as he lamented in-person voting was completed during both World Wars
  • The surprise speech came as delegates were in the midst of formally nominating Trump to become the the Republican presidential candidate in November
  • Trump is also preparing to speak all four nights of the Republican Convention this week – in addition to the surprise speech on Monday afternoon
  • The RNC also released a resolution on its 2020 platform that said it will not adopt a new platform from the 2016 convention until 2024
  • ‘[T]he Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda,’  the RNC wrote in its resolution
  • Many speakers and events will take place remotely or to a reduced crowd in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic
  • While the RNC will not be fully virtual like the Democratic Convention was last week, the in-person events are severely scaled down

President Donald Trump said Monday that Democrats will try to steal the election in November by avoiding sending or accepting mail-in ballots from Republicans as he made a surprise visit to his party’s convention as they nominated him to be their presidential candidate.

‘They’re trying to steal the election from the Republicans, that’s what it means,’ Trump said during his remarks Monday afternoon in Charlotte, North Carolina.

‘In a very nice way, I will tell you, they are trying to steal the election just like they did it last time with spying and we caught them.’

‘And that included President Obama and that included Biden,’ he continued as he referred to the 2016 campaign as ‘Spygate.’

The president claimed that Democrats will harvest ballots and stop those coming from Trump voters from being processed as he denounced universal mail-in voting as a ‘fraud.’

‘You get the ballot and then they have harvesting,’ Trump claimed.

He also reenacted a conversation between two voters where one only agreed to turn in the other’s ballot after finding out that they cast their vote for Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

‘In fact, harvesting is illegal in your state,’ Trump continued of North Carolina. ‘They wanted to put a Republican, fine man, a pastor, they wanted to put him in jail because he harvested. Now they want to make harvesting legal all of a sudden.’

‘They’ll put him in jail as a Republican, right? If he was a Democrat they wouldn’t be thinking about it,’ he insisted. ‘In California they do the same thing. No repercussion.’

The president made a surprise stop at the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday afternoon as delegates announced their states’ count to officially nominate Trump to become the party’s candidate in November.

During his remarks he called mail-in voting the ‘greatest scam in the history of politics’ even beyond the U.S.

‘We’re not patriotic by saying this. No,’ Trump said of Democrats pushing for universal mail-in voting for the November election.

‘We voted during World War I. We voted at the voting booth during World War II,’ the president told a room full of delegates and RNC personnel.

‘The pandemic – we’re doing very well, and people know how to handle it,’ he continued. ‘Look at the crowds. They’re doing very well. It’s very safe. it’s going to be very safe.’

Coming out onto the stage to his rally anthem ‘God Bless the USA,’ Trump was greeted by delegates at the scaled-down convention with chants of ‘four more years.’

‘We have to win. This is the most important election in the history of our country,’ Trump said to cheers from a smaller-than-usual crowd.

‘Don’t let them take it away from you,’ Trump urged the end of his nearly hour-long remarks. ‘Don’t let them take it away. North Carolina, we love you. That’s why I’m here… very special peopl….


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