‘They Are Going to Hurt One of These Cops’: BLM/Antifa Attack Cops In Denver, Colorado, Rampage Thru the Streets

While we’ve been reporting a lot on Portland and Seattle, there are also multiple other cities across the country where BLM/Antifa have cells where they are also causing trouble.

On Saturday, there was rioting in Denver, Colorado with BLM/Antifa was rampaging throughout the streets, breaking out windows and attacking the police with explosives. They claimed it was a ‘protest’ calling for abolition of the police. But their very actions show why the police are so desperately needed.

Here’s a closer view of the attacks on the cops, with the explosive landing right within the group of cops. “They are going to hurt one of these cops,” you can hear the streamer say.

More attacks on the cops, one of the radicals actually threw a bicycle at them.


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