‘Black People Don’t Have To Vote Democrat’:

Baltimore Congressional Candidate Kim Klacik

Goes Into Detail On Her Viral Video

Kimberly Klacik, a Republican Maryland 7th Congressional District candidate, joined the Daily Caller’s Caitlyn McDuffee after her recent political ad went viral.

“Democrats, they swear that they are for the minority,” Klacik told the Daily Caller. “But you know, whatever they are pushing like not opening schools, defunding the police, they’re not really for the minorities as far as policy.”

USA Today ranks Baltimore as the third most dangerous city in the country, and Klacik claims in her ad that this is the result of decades of Democratic leadership. Klacik said she would work to make Baltimore safer.

“If you are surrounded by vacant homes, no job opportunities, horrible education,” Klacik said, “what else are you expecting anyone to do but be in the streets? I think once we change that we can trajectory all together.”

Klacik lost the special election to opponent Kweisi Mfume in April, garnering 26.53% of votes. She told the Caller that she still thinks she has a shot at winning in the upcoming election, however, since “this time around we’re really not dealing with the lockdown and the pandemic as much.”

“Now we can go door-to-door, talk to people face-to-face,” Klacik said, “and I think that is what it is going to take to persuade voters.”


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