Woman notices ‘R’ and ‘D’ labeling on mail-in ballot envelopes

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PALM BEACH, Fla. (CNN)– A Florida woman is raising concerns after noticing an “R” for Republican on one mail-in ballot and a “D” for Democrat on another.

Tina Brown, of Palm Beach County, posted on Facebook about her and her bother’s ballot envelopes. It’s generating a lot of attention, including a retweet from President Donald Trump.

“He’s a registered Democrat and I’m a registered Republican. And so when we were doing our votes together, we were going to send it out together, put it in the mail, it was going to be fun,” she told WPTV.

“Look at my brother’s who’s a Democrat. It says 4212D. That’s Democrat. Then you go here because we’re the same address anyways, 4212R. Oh my God, they can see who my political affiliation is and I don’t like that…I just think we should not have our political affiliations on there.”

Martin County elections supervisor Vicki Davis said the labeling makes sure voters get the proper primary ballot for their party affiliation. Florida is a closed primary state. She said she feels fraud as a result of the labeling system would be highly unlikely.

“I don’t know that a postal worker would have time to go through ballots in their general work day and remove those ballots,” Davis said.

Davis said the “R” and “D” labels are specific to the primaries and are not used in general elections.

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