‘Welcome Barack and Crooked Hillary. See you on the field of battle.’ President Donald Trump responds to imminent attacks by Obama and Clinton by tweeting video claiming they ‘spied’ on him

  • President Trump welcomed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the ‘field of battle’
  • His call to arms came ahead of their speeches to the Democratic convention
  • He also tweeted a video charging them with spying on his 2016 campaign
  • Obama will tell the Democratic National Convention that Trump has ‘shown no interest’ in doing his job
  • ‘No interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves,’ Obama will say
  • Clinton will tell voters not to have another ‘woulda coulda shoulda election’
  • Obama will address the virtual convention Wednesday night from the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Clinton will speak from her home in Chappaqua, New York

President Donald Trump welcomed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the ‘field of battle’ on Wednesday night, shortly before the two prepared to open fire on his presidency during their speeches at the Democratic National Convention.

The president tweeted a video that accuses Obama and Clinton of spying on him and setting up his administration to fail.

‘Welcome, Barack and Crooked Hillary. See you on the field of battle!,’ he wrote.

The video, which runs about 100 seconds, news reports on the ‘unmasking’ – or naming – of officials who requested information about Michael Flynn, Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser who eventually resigned that position and charges there was ‘political spying’ on Trump’s 2016 campaign.


One of the officials who requested the unmasked names in the final days of the Obama administration was Joe Biden, the then vice president. Unmasking is a common process and is used by administration officials in both parties to help them determine the credibility of information in reports they are reading.

In the video Trump tweeted, the footage and images are heavily edited together with various voice overs – some of which don’t identify who makes the charge of political spying by the Obama administration. Dramatic music and sound effects are weaved into the narrative.

‘The Obama administration is bitter and wanted to do whatever they could to undermine the incoming Trump administration,’ charges one voice. ‘An outgoing president and vice president and a Washington Post columnist and the FBI setting up an incoming administration. Wow. That’s a real conspiracy. And no one wants to talk about it,’ says another.

The FBI launched a counterintelligence investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign to see if Russian agents were trying to influence the election. Special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign officials. But Trump has used the probe to claim there is a ‘deep state’ working against his preside….


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