Trump Campaign to Launch Ad Blitz During DNC

Trump campaign works to make sure Trump’s message

is more widely seen than the Democratic Convention

By Caitlin McFall | Fox News

The Trump campaign will launch a four-day advertising blitz across some of the nation’s most visited digital platforms during the Democratic National Convention next week.

The DNC, which kicks off Monday, will be a four-day event with dozens of top Democrats giving speeches and voicing their support for the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

But as some of the most influential party leaders address the nation, Trump will be aggressively inundating digital platforms with front-page takeovers and banner ads, targeting more than just political programs.

According to a report by The New York Times on Saturday, The Trump campaign will be taking over the YouTube main page banner for a whopping 96 hours. The campaign has also reportedly bought up premium ad space on Hulu — meaning viewers cannot skip the Trump ads before watching their desired content.

“Unheard of scale & saturation,” Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign’s communications director tweeted Saturday.  “Never before seen, political or corporate. Millions more will watch TRUMP content than will watch the DNC.”

Other digital platforms such as the Washington Post, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal will all have ad space reserved on their homepages, purchased by the Trump campaign for a reported seven-figure amount, which could even surpass $10 million, depending on ad engagement.

“It’s great that Team Biden let the Trump campaign grab up the best premium real estate on the Internet during Joe’s big week,” Murtaugh told The New York Times. “We’ll show millions of Americans exactly how the radical, leftist takeover of Joe Biden is now complete.”


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