McLaughlin: ‘No Question’ Trump’s Polls Moving in Right Direction

By Brian Trusdell

President Donald Trump’s campaign pollster told Newsmax TV on Thursday that there is “no question” Trump’s internal surveys are moving in the right direction and that the president has a “significant advantage” on key issues.

Jim McLaughlin was buoyant on “Greg Kelly Reports” that trends were very much in favor of Trump over presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“There’s no question things are moving in the right direction and one of the things we love about the polls, is one of the things that we’re seeing – and you see it right after Joe Biden appointing Kamala Harris – you really see that when it comes down to it, when voters focus on the issues, the issues that matter most to the voters right now, Donald Trump as a significant advantage over Joe Biden.

“Especially when it comes down to things like rebuilding economy, taxes, immigration. They don’t want national government-run healthcare. So we really believe that once this campaign comes down to the issues, and the issues that matter most to the voters, Donald Trump has a significant advantage.”

McLaughlin also said the selection of Harris was something that demonstrated Biden’s tenuous support from core Democratic voters.

“Joe Biden had to name Kamala Harris, not out of strength, but out of weakness,” McLaughlin said. “He’s hoping, because he doesn’t have a lot intensity, a lot of passion in the Democratic base, especially with African Americans, among Hispanic voters, among millennials. He’s trying to put together that Obama coalition, and those voters are just not excited about him right now.”


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