Sarah Palin offers advice as Kamala Harris is named VP candidate: ‘Don’t get muzzled’

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Sarah Palin had advice for Sen. Kamala Harris shortly after she was picked as Joe Biden’s running mate Tuesday.

Palin, who was the Republican vice presidential candidate with John McCain, ran against Barack Obama and Biden in 2008. The former Alaska governor offered congratulations and candid guidance to Harris, who’s just the third woman to be named a vice presidential candidate for a major party.

The late Rep. Geraldine Ferraro was the first when she was chosen as the Democratic vice presidential candidate in 1984.

“Climb upon Geraldine Ferraro’s and my shoulders, and from the most amazing view in your life consider lessons we learned,” Palin posted on Instagram.

Palin told Harris to maintain her individuality and trust herself and those close to her.

“Out of the chute trust no one new,” Palin wrote. “Fight mightily to keep your own team with you — they know you, know your voice, and most importantly are trustworthy.”

Palin cautioned about being “muzzled” during the campaign.

“Don’t get muzzled,” Palin wrote. “Connect with media and voters in your own unique way. Some yahoos running campaigns will suffocate you with their own self-centered agenda so remember YOU were chosen for who YOU are. So stay connected with America as you smile and ignore deceptive ‘handlers’ trying to change you.”

Palin also hinted she’ll soon share “one of the funniest things in my life,” which happened just before a debate against Biden when the two were vice presidential opponents.



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