Rioters Returned To Downtown Portland — No Feds In Sight So Portland PD Did The Honors, To Antifa/BLM’s Great Regret

Portland PD came with the action in a big way tonight in downtown Portland.  I’ve made similar comments over the past two weeks since the rioters had abandoned downtown Portland for the non-federal neighbors in the suburbs, but the Portland PD has changed the dynamic of the riots.

The federal agents who were defending the federal building night after night had to restrain themselves in significant ways because the press and politicians were determined to make the presence of the federal agents the story, and not the rioters.  The narrative went on for weeks that the presence of the federal agents was sparking the violence from the protesters, and if the agents would simply leave all would be well.

State and local police were finally put to the task of cleaning out the two parks across the street from the courthouse, thereby depriving the rioters of their staging and retreat areas.  The state and local police then took back control of the streets in the area of the courthouse, denying the rioters easy areas to assemble in large numbers.  With their logistics and planning disrupted the rioters shifted their focus to suburban Portland PD Precinct stations for the past two weeks.  But the State Police and Portland PD became progressively more aggressive in dealing with the riots in the suburbs, and the protesters also wore out their welcome with the Portlanders who live there.

In response, Antifa announced earlier today that the riots would return to downtown, the County Justice Center, and the federal courthouse.

“Oh boy, it’s just like old times.”


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