EXCLUSIVE: Trump Turns the Tables on Civil Rights Commission With Appointment of J. Christian Adams


This week, President Donald Trump appointed J. Christian Adams to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. A former Department of Justice (DOJ) civil rights election lawyer, president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and a PJ Media columnist, Adams champions the original meaning of the Civil Rights Amendments (the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution). In an exclusive interview with PJ Media after his appointment, Adams explained why his commitment to protecting the civil rights of all Americans — including whites — not only honors Americans’ Civil War sacrifices but undermines the Left’s dangerous redefinition of civil rights, a Marxist vision that is fueling the violent riots in Portland, Seattle, and Chicago.

“The Left will use civil rights as a racial identity tool for collective power. They think that empowering certain groups of people through the law is a way for them to get and assert power. I view it as an individual thing, not a collective thing. I view it as to whether a person is discriminated against by their government, for example. That’s a real victim, that’s a real harm,” Adams told PJ Media.

Adams has represented blacks in traditional civil rights voting cases but he has also represented whites who have been disenfranchised due to the color of their skin. In the case Davis v. Guam (2020), Adams represented a white man who was barred from voting in Guam’s plebiscite because he could not trace his ancestry back to the original inhabitants of Guam. In United States v. Ike Brown (2009), Adams represented the federal government in suing a black political leader who engaged in blatant mail fraud to disenfranchise white voters (who are a minority in Noxubee County, Miss.). Adams has also vocally condemned the well-funded campaign for vote-by-mail, which denies the problem of voter fraud.

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