Space Force: New Service’s Future Coming into Focus

By Yasmin Tadjdeh

With more than six months passed, the future of the fledgling Space Force is coming into focus. However, elements of its structure are still being hammered out.

Since being stood up in December 2019, Pentagon leaders have been working to build out the new service. Gen. John Raymond, the first chief of space operations, said officials are working to create an agile and lean force.

“We’re slicing bureaucracy every chance that we get,” he said in May.

The service — which is nestled under the Department of the Air Force — recently finalized its organizational structure for echelons below headquarters. It will consist of three echelons of command, according to a news release.

“This is the most significant restructuring of space units undertaken by the United States since the establishment of Air Force Space Command in 1982,” said Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett in a statement. “Innovation and efficiency are driving our mission as we position the Space Force to respond with agility to protect our nation’s space capabilities and the American way of life.”

The Space Force’s field echelons are named field commands, deltas and squadrons. There will be three field commands aligned with specific mission focuses including Space Operations Command, Space Systems Command and Space Training and Readiness Command.

“This is an historic opportunity to launch the Space Force on the right trajectory to deliver the capabilities needed to ensure freedom of movement and deter aggression in, from and to space,” Raymond said in a statement. “How we organize the Space Force will have lasting impact on our ability to respond with speed and agility to emerging threats in support of the National Defense Strategy and Space Strategy.”


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