White House Negotiators Throw In The Towel On Stimulus Package — Tell Trump To Sign Executive Orders Instead

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told reporters on Capitol Hill Friday that negotiations on another coronavirus stimulus package have totally stalled and that they would urge President Donald Trump to sign a host of executive orders addressing the administration’s top issues in the failed legislation.

“I am extremely disappointed that we came up here today just to hear the same thing repeated over and over again,” Meadows stated immediately following a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “Which is the same thing we’ve heard repeated over the past two weeks.” (EXCLUSIVE: Congress, White House Unlikely To Deliver Phase 4 Stimulus Before Recess, Sources Say)

“The chief and I will recommend to the president, based upon a lack of activity today, to move forward with some executive orders,” Mnuchin added. “We agree with the Speaker that this is not the first choice, but people have run out of the advanced unemployment, so that is something we will recommend an executive order on.”

“Rental foreclosures, we will recommend an executive order on that,” the Treasury secretary continued. “And also student loans.”


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