The Rise and Fail of Vote-by-Mail



Back in the spring of 2020, when the world was being swallowed whole by the growing COVID-19 pandemic, a group of well-funded, smart leftists saw an opportunity. The opportunity was called vote-by-mail. It would be a miracle cure for everyone too afraid to go to the polls to vote for Joe Biden.

Vote-by-mail was hatched like so many other so-called electoral “reforms,” such as automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, and ranked-choice voting. It was incubated with left-wing philanthropic dollars and presented as a cure-all to our voting woes.

New groups appeared like mushrooms on the morning dew to push vote-by-mail. Existing leftist groups such as the Brennan Center and the ACLU maneuvered in unison to push for vote-by-mail. For a brief moment in the spring, they wanted Congress to give $4 billion – indeed, with a “b” – to the states to implement vote-by-mail. Thankfully, they failed and only obtained a fraction of that number.

Flush with federal cash, states such as Nevada decided to conduct all-mail primary elections. Other states abandoned other election-integrity procedures such as requiring postmarks or witness signatures on mail ballots.

The advocates told us vote-by-mail was the voting method of the future, like Dippin’ Dots were the “ice cream of the future,” then weren’t.

Since those halcyon spring days, reality has proven vote-by-mail to be a disaster.


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