‘I’m leaving’: Mazie Hirono walks out of Antifa hearing in a huff, Ted Cruz confronts her

Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono got triggered after Republican Senator Ted Cruz pressed her to condemn Antifa violence.

Not only did Hirono refuse to disavow the left-wing savagery, but she walked out of Cruz’s Antifa hearing in a huff.

Hirono’s refusal to denounce the Antifa riots, looting, arson, and assaults is like the ostrich that buries its head in the sand, hoping this nullifies reality.

Hirono walked out after a testy exchange with Cruz, who was chairing a Senate hearing on the role that Antifa and Black Lives Matter extremists are playing in the alarming escalation of violence around the country.

Cruz slammed Democrats for not condemning Antifa riots, during which thugs burned down churches, torched federal courthouses, and beat up police officers and civilians.

Hirono got upset because Cruz asked her to specifically disavow Antifa instead of spouting vague platitudes about opposing violence.

Hirono said to Cruz: “Sometimes I don’t think you listen. How many times have I had to say that we all should be denouncing violent extremists of every stripe?”

Cruz shot back: “Does that include Antifa?”

Hirono ignored the question and replied: “I hope this is the end of this hearing, Mr. Chairman, and that we don’t have to listen to any more of your rhetorical speeches. Thank you very much. I’m leaving.”

Keep in mind that Democrats like Mazie Hirono have repeatedly demanded that President Trump condemn every fringe extremist who commits any act that can be weaponized against the Right.

As Hirono packed up, Cruz sarcastically quipped: “I appreciate the kind, uplifting words of Senator Hirono. I would also note that throughout her remarks she still did not say a negative word about Antifa. Nor has any Democrat here.”

Cruz said to Hirono as she stood up to walk out: “You’re welcome to say something negative about Antifa right now.”  Hirono refused.

Cruz then remarked: “She declined to speak, so that is the position of the Democratic Party.”


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