Gallup: 81% of Black Americans Want Police To Spend The Same Or More Amount Of Time In Their Neighborhoods



New data from Gallup shows high numbers of Black Americans wanting police to spend the same or increased amount of time in their neighborhoods — while few of these individuals feel an interaction with local police will go well.

The report shows 61 percent of Black Americans want the police presence to remain the same while 20 percent desire the police to spend more time in their area — just 19 percent want the police to spend less time.

Notably, the number is similar to the 67 percent of all U.S. adults preferring the status quo, including 71 percent of White Americans.

Black Americans were the second-highest group to want more police presence — just behind Hispanic Americans at 24 percent.

“Fewer than one in five Black Americans feel very confident that the police in their area would treat them with courtesy and respect,” the report finds.

This number is similar to the 24 percent of Asian Americans who feel this way. Other groups, however, have quite different numbers: 40 percent of Hispanic Americans and the 56 percent of White Americans feel confident that the police will treat them with respect.

“When factoring in those who are at least somewhat confident that the police would treat them well, a majority of Black Americans (61 percent) are generally confident, but this is still below the 85 percent seen nationally, including 91 percent of White Americans,” Gallup found.

The information was found in a June 23-July 6 Gallup Panel survey. For the full findings, click here.


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