26 million people who didn’t qualify for the first stimulus check may be eligible for the second


By Sofia Pitt@SOFIA_PITT

As Democrats and Republicans negotiate another coronavirus aid bill, both parties and President Trump agree Americans need a second round of stimulus checks.

On Monday, Senate Republicans introduced the HEALS Act, calling for a second $1,200 economic impact payment for qualifying Americans. Democrats also called for another round of $1,200 payments in their proposal, known as the HEROES Act, which was passed by the House in May, before stalling in the Republican-controlled Senate.

The Republican stimulus check proposal, however, contains one key difference when compared to the first round of stimulus checks sent out under the CARES Act in late April: More people are likely to receive money.

“It’s on the little details that things have changed,” Janet Holtzblatt, senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center told CNBC.com earlier this week.

Here’s why 26 million more Americans could qualify for a stimulus check under the HEALS Act, according to an estimate from the Tax Foundation.


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