Jesse Watters: Polls showing Trump losing are just wrong

On his Fox News show on Saturday night, Watters’ World host Jesse Watters offered a positive spin that runs counter to the dominant media narrative that Democrat Joe Biden is leading President Trump in the presidential contest.

He confidently advised viewers against falling for fake polling results.

In an opening monologue called “Watters’ Words,” the host championed what he described as the Trump turnaround in that the incumbent president is gaining traction in the all-important battleground or swing states, which renders national polls meaningless.

He also chided pollsters for gaslighting the American people with erroneous projections.

“You can see a momentum shift in the presidential race. It showed up in the polls, too, in key battleground states…They show consistent shifts across the board toward the president…Forget about the national polls. It’s all about the battlegrounds anyway.

“Most pollsters are under-sampling Republicans as high as 10 points. They do that just to depress turnout. Don’t fall for it. Just for a little perspective, Hillary was beating Trump in every single battleground state going into the 2016 election. What happened? Hillary lost every single battleground state. In addition, national polls showed Hillary crushing Trump. National polls showed John Kerry crushing Bush. National polls showed Dukakis crushing Bush’s dad, 41.

“And only two insurgent candidates knocked off an incumbent in the last 40 years: Rock star Ronald Reagan and the politically gifted Bill Clinton with a little help from Ross Perot. Biden doesn’t have anywhere near that talent. And that’s why he’s hiding. The president has been a lot more focused on the last two weeks…his tone is more serious, realistic, and steady…”


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