JEXCLUSIVE: ‘She’s Talk Show Karen!’ Staff give Ellen DeGeneres a new nickname as insiders claim James Corden will NOT be replacing her and say Kristen Bell, Melissa McCarthy or Jennifer Aniston are in the running to take over

Ellen DeGeneres has been given a new nickname by upset staffers: ‘Talk Show Karen’.

Production sources tell that staff who have worked in the alleged toxic work environment refer to the talk show host as ‘Talk Show Karen’ when they discuss the recent turmoil. ‘Karen’ has become a term to describe an entitled or demanding white woman.

‘Who would’ve thought that one of America’s most loved personalities would morph into America’s most famous Karen?’ production sources say. ‘There’s no way anyone on staff wants Karen and her band of toxic executives to return.’

This comes as an insider from Telepictures, the production company behind the Ellen DeGeneres show, tells that potential replacements for the talk show host include Sean Hayes, Kristen Bell, Melissa McCarthy and ‘the ultimate A-lister’ Jennifer Aniston.

‘All four have global name recognition and their own following. They are all genuinely warm and could carry an Ellen-less show,’ the source says.

The Telepictures source put to bed recent reports that late night talk show host James Corden would be stepping into her role. Corden was reportedly viewed as ‘the long term successor’ to Ellen even before the scandal exploded in the last several weeks.

‘James Corden is definitely not under consideration as he has a long term deal with CBS and if he was interested in a daytime show, CBS would develop one for him. Regardless, he’s busy enough in late night so it’s not going to happen,’ they said.


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