Barr sends QAnon followers into frenzy with pizza analogy


During his testimony to a congressional committee, US attorney general Bill Barr made an innocuous analogy to ordering a pizza – and sent QAnon conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

Mr Barr’s allusion came in an exchange with Republican congressman Tom McClintock, who was questioning attorney general over the investigation into Trump presidential campaign’s ties to Russia.

Asked whether he could prevent the investigation from becoming a precedent for “future election interference by corrupt officials in our justice and intelligence agencies”, Mr Barr answered: “No, I really cannot predict that.

“As you know, these matters are being looked into. Covid did delay that action for a while … Justice is not something you order up on a schedule like ordering a pizza.”

The reference to pizza in a discussion about alleged corruption immediately triggered a response from QAnon followers, who believe the word to be a slang term used by a satanic paedophile cabal at the heart of the “deep state”.


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