Trump Makes Key Endorsement In Alabama Senate Race After Pulling Support From Mo Brooks



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President Donald Trump has made another endorsement, this time in the U.S. Senate race in Alabama.

After pulling his support for Rep. Mo Brooks, Trump is now backing GOP candidate Katie Britt in her election run-off against Brooks.

Britt received the most votes in the state’s GOP primary in late May but she failed to win more than 50 percent support on election night. Now she is facing off against Brooks, who came in second in the election. The next primary is scheduled for June 21.

Britt is outgoing Sen. Richard Shelby’s onetime chief of staff; she won 44.76 percent of the vote, according to Decision Desk HQ, with Brooks securing just over 29 percent.

Friday evening, Trump released a statement that said, “Mo has been wanting it back ever since,” in reference to his rescinded endorsement, “but I cannot give it to him!”

“Katie Britt, on the other hand, is a fearless America First Warrior,” he added.

Politico reported:

The decision deals a second major blow to Brooks, who Trump initially endorsed last year before pulling his support in March as Brooks’ campaign floundered. But Trump in the last couple weeks had not ruled out the possibility of re-endorsing Brooks, according to a person familiar with the president’s thinking, and was being urged by some Brooks allies to throw his support behind the MAGA candidate once again.

Trump’s endorsement of Britt is a striking contrast to the statement he released about the Senate candidate just under a year ago. In July, Trump called her the “assistant” to “the RINO Senator from Alabama, close friend of Old Crow Mitch McConnell, Richard Shelby.”

“She is not in any way qualified and is certainly not what our country needs,” Trump said at the time. “For Mitch McConnell to be wasting money on her campaign is absolutely outrageous. Vote for Mo Brooks!”

“The opposition says Katie is close to Mitch McConnell, but actually, she is not — in fact, she believes that McConnell put Mike Durant in the race to stop her, which is very possibly true,” Trump added.

Trump talked about his rescinded endorsement after he pulled it in March, explaining why.

“When I endorsed Mo Brooks, he took a 44-point lead and was unstoppable. He then hired a new campaign staff who ‘brilliantly’ convinced him to ‘stop talking about the 2020 Election,’” Tru…

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