Food Prices Are About To Get Far Worse, Biden Wants Increased Tax To Pay For Inflation



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“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

Struggling to fill your pantry? Well, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has confirmed that food prices will not be slowing down any time soon, thanks to the policies of the Biden administration.

The CBO is a nonpartisan agency, and its latest report expects the consumer price index (CPI) to climb by 6.1 percent this year alone and it also expected (but well shall see) that inflation should start to slow down by next year, but the CBO predicts CPI will continue to rise uncontrollably until the end of 2023 – expected to reach 3.1 percent.

“Can you imagine paying $1 per egg, $12 a dozen?” said Glenn Beck during his radio show, “The Glenn Beck Program,” to his audience. “If you can’t imagine it, wait a few months because this is what is happening.”

The Department of Agriculture (USDA), as Beck points out, has raised the estimated food price forecast from 6.5 to 7.5 percent.

“[This is] the highest predicted change in food costs in well over 40 years,” noted Beck. “The USDA is now warning in their revised May Food Price Outlook that things are grim.”

“Two months ago, USDA had egg inflation at 2.5 or 3.5 [percent] year over year. They’ve moved it from the high of 3.5 [percent] to a forward outlook of 20.5 percent [year over year].”

Grocery store prices are also expected to rise by another seven or eight percent, higher than the initial predictions of five or six percent – the highest grocery prices since 1980, when prices began to rise 8.1 percent year over year.

“There is no reason to think that the forecast will not rise again,” warned Beck. “If you look at the prices at the supermarket, and how it’s increased in the last six mon…

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