‘I Think We’re Going to Get Criminal Charges’: Steve Bannon Slams Biden’s DOJ, FBI



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“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker.”  Psalms 95:6 (KJV) 

Top-rated podcaster and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon said on his Friday program that the top officials at the Justice Department and the FBI are liable to be indicted on “criminal charges.”

Bannon’s comments came on the heels of the first prime-time hearings of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked Jan. 6 Committee, which he slammed for spewing lies and misinformation.

“I think we’re going to get criminal charges against [FBI Director Christopher] Wray and [U.S. Attorney General Merrick] Garland and all of those hacks over there,” Bannon said.

“They’re inundated with whistleblowers from the FBI. Patriots, hard-working patriots are blowing these guys up,” he continued. Thousands of whistleblowers.  Thousands. Let me underline that .. on the maleficence and politicization of the America Gestapo, the FBI.

“I don’t care if the FBI doesn’t like it. You’re a Gestapo, you’re an American Gestapo. You’re going to be taken apart brick by brick.  Whether we need a federal agency like that, that’s for people to decide. But you are going to be deconstructed. Because the rot that you have, and we should have done it after 9-11, let’s be honest,” he continued.

Bannon went to proclaim that Trump also actually won the 2020 election.

“Let me reiterate this. Donald J. Trump won the presidency again on the 3rd of November of 2020.  And Marc Elias and all you guys, and let’s leave the machines aside as a topic for another day but a side that our intelligence can be hacked six ways from Sunday, that’s [the Department of Homeland Security]. Donald J. Trump won the presidency,” he said.

“He is the legitimate president of the United States and your guy is illegitimate, and the American people are awakening to that,” Bannon added.

Ahead of the Jan. 6 panel’s “prime-time” hea…

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