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This article was written by my son, with God’s help. God has blessed me with 2 wonderful children. They are so much better than I was at their ages. Donovan works in cyber-security. Ask him for a password and not only will no one be able to guess it, you will not be able to remember it 😊 That’s how complicated it will be. Enjoy the message…

Subtitle: Where you are is not always where you will end up.

When we try to see the future, we can only see as far as humanly possible. If you believe this is enough to gauge the direction of your life, ask yourself, have you ever been caught by surprise? If the answer is “yes”, you are incapable of seeing where your life will take you.

This may cause concern, or even fear, that you do not have full control over your life. But you do not have to fear. Our shortsightedness does not have to be our down-fall, if we trust in the Lord’s vision.

Because we cannot see everything, we have to rely on our Shepherd to guide us from peril. Wherever He leads we can follow, without fear. We may be brought along a treacherous path that we cannot see the end of; however, He will lead and guide us to green pastures (Psalm 23:1–6)

Credit: Original article published here.

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