Yet Another New Study Shows Covid Jabs Cause Incurable Prion Disease, But Media and Governments Continue to Ignore



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How long can government and corporate media ignore the clear connections between Covid-19 vaccines and prion disease? As long as they possibly can so they can perpetuate the universal jab agenda.

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It took the CDC, FDA, and corporate media at least eight months from the first major study to acknowledge the Covid jabs “may” cause blood clots, myocarditis, and other major circulatory ailments in “rare” cases. We’re now about eight months and dozens of studies in since the first studies showed the jabs cause incurable prion disease. Will they finally acknowledge it now?

Probably not. We’ve linked to and followed dozens of studies from a wide range of scientists across the globe pointing to the connection, but to no avail. Here are just three of the reputable studies we’ve highlighted in the past.

Considering we only have access to news feeds that are populated by around 250 right-leaning news sites, we can assume those who have access to medical journals and science news feeds have seen far more than we have. Yet we’re hearing nothing about this from corporate media or our government. Why?

The answer is obvious. They have an agenda to push and propaganda to disseminate. The multitude of studies connecting the jabs to prion disease is simply fodder for Big Tech companies to censor and corporate media to ignore.

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The latest story to add to the pile comes via Marina Zhang from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times:

Studies Link Incurable Prion Disease With COVID-19 Vaccine

Studies on COVID-19 vaccines have suggested links between Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD)—an incurable and fatal prion disease—and getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

A recent French pre-print on CJD and COVID-19 vaccination has suggested that the COVID-19 vaccine may have contributed to the emergence of a new type of sporadic CJD disease that is a lot more aggressive and rapid in disease progression as compared to the traditional CJD.

CJD is a rare disease caused by an abnormal protein in the brain called a prion.

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Prions naturally occur in the brain and are usually harmless, but when they become diseased or misfolded, they will affect nearby prions to also become misshapen, leading to det…

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