Hillary’s Attorney ‘Operated’ an FBI Office at Law Firm, But Wait, It Gets Worse…



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As I reported for PJ Media, the evidence in the Sussmann case pointed to an extraordinarily cozy relationship between the FBI and Perkins Coie. Sussmann had credentials to get inside the FBI and was considered to be a trusted Confidential Human Source (CHS).

But the latest news about this relationship gives rise to more and more troubling questions.

Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Matt Gaetz (R-Fla) say a whistleblower informed them that Perkins Coie, for which Hillary and the DNC’s campaign attorneys Marc Elias and Sussmann worked, had an FBI outpost there. That’s right, an office space inside the Perkins Coie law firm was run  “in concert with the FBI,” according to Gaetz. And Michael Sussmann was “operating that worksite.”

There could be a simple (cough) explanation to which the proletariat are not privy on why the FBI would have an outpost there, but Gaetz has a few questions. In an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (see video below) Gaetz wondered, “What reason would there be for that? What leverage would the Perkins law firm have over the FBI given this work they’re doing together? Why would [FBI Director] Christopher Wray allow it to continue?”

But wait, there’s one more question: “Why … [was] the person on behalf of Perkins Coie operating that worksite Michael Sussmann himself [for the past 12 months]?”

The same guy Durham indicted for making false statements to the FBI?

Gaetz says, “now we learn that four years after that [Trump-Russia] lie that Michael Sussmann was operating this secure work environment.”

Carlson says the law firm sent him a letter in which they confirm maintaining this secure workspace since 2012.

What happened here? What does this mean? Why would this law firm need to have an FBI workspace in its building? Was it taken advantage of? Did the FBI willingly allow itself to be weaponized against the Republican candidate and president?

Gaetz says former federal prosecutors with whom he has spoken have never heard of such a setup, especially for what he called “an election attorney.” “Why would an election lawyer be operating a facility in this way?”

While Sussmann is an election attorney, he also specializes in cyber security, but it still doesn’t explain why the FBI office space is “operated” by him. And Sussmann also has as one of his clients another man being looked at by Durham, federal cyber security contractor Rodney Joffe.

Gaetz told Carlson that he is concerned “that politically motivated dirt was being converted into politically motivated in investigations.” That question appears to have been asked and answered so far in the Durham investigation and the Sussmann trial documents. That’s exactly what they did. Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy called this  the “Ball of Collusion.”

Here’s where things get more, ah, interesting.

It’s unclear what is in a “secure” FBI facility in Perkins Coie, but it might well be a SCIF with a computer, or “portal” to the FBI dat…

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