Democrats’ New Gun Strategy: No Guns For Poor People



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Democrats plan to introduce 1,000% sales tax rate on AR-15’s

As Democrats continue their ridiculous war on the second amendment, one Representative, Don Beyer (D-VA,) a member of the House Ways and Means panel, which writes taxes, wants to raise the price of AR-15’s by 1,000% through tax.

Democrats have already tried a number of gun laws at the state and federal level which in some instances increase tax on ammunition, limit magazine size, and outright ban normal civilian weapons. However, this 1,000% tax would effectively raise the cost of Ar-15’s by anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 dollars in the most authoritarian restriction yet.

Naturally, this restriction only hurts poor people. And even worse, it could pass without a single Republican voting for it. It is not bipartisan at all.

From Business Insider:

“Taxes get more deference in budget reconciliation than other policies from a parliamentarian point of view,” Zach Moller, director of the economic program at the center-left Third Way think tank, told Insider.

“So a pure excise tax that isn’t set so high as to end all sales should pass the Byrd rule,” Moller said, referring the rule governing what meets the requirements to be included in a filibuster-proof bill.

The alleged goal is to keep firearms out of the hands of youths, despite the fact that the majority of shootings are done with either illegally obtained firearms, or firearms stolen/borrowed from a fam…

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